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Remove rocks and roots up to 12" deep!

rock picker

  rock picker with side conveyor  
Rockland rock picker picking rocks
Remove rocks up to 12" deep
Rotoveyer with optional side conveyor
Get your fields clean in a hurry!
The Rockland Rotoveyer is the best way to remove rocks, roots, and debris from your land. After one pass a Rotoveyer quickly turns your un-usable land into productive, rock free farm land. Rotoveyers have been in operation all over the world for more than 30 years and have been used in applications as varied as improving potato fields to cleaning up after strip mine jobs. From California to Nova Scotia, there isn't a better, more serious rock picking machine available anywhere.
Rockland Rotoveyer Features

Digging Cylinder
Rock or Root Applications
Dirt Free Windrow
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Frame -Rockland Rotoveyers are built to last. Constructed entirely of high-strength alloy steel - the Rotoveyer is one tough customer. Backed up by Rockland's exclusive no nonsense warrantyor of 1 year or 1,000 hours. You can't find a more dependable, durable, land cleaning solution!

Belt - Rockland Rotoveyers all arrive with a heavy-duty steel mesh belt that will endure years of rough work, while separating valuable top soil from unwanted rocks, roots, and other debris.

Digging Cylinder - The massive 7' digging cylinder and separation cylinders are protected by a heavy-duty slip clutch and drive line shear pins. The digging cylinder is equipped with replaceable, carbide faced, cast alloy teeth that effectively comb rocks and roots out of the soil. After the material is lifted out of the ground by the digging cylinder it is then passed over two rotating transfer cylinders for efficient soil separation. Top soil is left on the ground as debris is transported to the bucket.

Rock or Root Applications - There are two Rotoveyer models available from Rockland - the rock and root picking models. The rock picking model features extra digging teeth and a rock shield. Both machines will pick up rocks and roots, but are the most efficient when used for their intended purposes.

Dirt Free Windrows - Another function of the Rockland Rotoveyer is its ability to form large dirt free windrows of roots and other debris. This is perfect for burning, as dirt free piles burn much more efficiently than cleared piles that contain a large amount of soil.

Options - Rockland Rotoveyers are available with a wide range of options. With our custom manufacturing capabilities, we are able to build and design all of our products with your exact application in mind. If you have a special application in mind, please call 800-458-3773, we are happy to work with our customers to design machines that will work best for them - year after year. Below are a few popular options for Rotoveyers:

  • Available in any standard color
  • Rock or root specific models
  • Side conveyor belts
  • Center mounted floatation kit
  • Outer mounted floatation kit

Applications - Below are just a few popular applications for the Rockland Rotoveyer:

  • Farm development
  • Turf and seed production
  • Pasture development and improvement
  • Right of way clearing
  • Road construction
  • Golf course construction
  • Park development
  • Residential development
  • Commercial site prep
  • Land reclamation

Warranty - All Rockland Rotoveyers are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, workmanship, or materials for a period of one year or 1,000 hours from date of first use.

Videos - Watch the Rockland Rotoveyer in action! Click here!



Click here for a Rotoveyer spec sheet (PDF*) | Click here to request more information


Watch a Rotoveyer in action!

Rockland rotoveyer

Rockland Rotoveyer Rock Picking Machine

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